The Soda Revolution Is Here.


 … having long lasting sustained energy throughout the day. No sugar crashes or caffeine shakes.

 … No more horrible feelings of bloating, constipation and feeling “out of sorts.”

 … having a routine that makes “getting healthy really easy.”

 … No more sugar cravings and “starving” between meals.

 If this is something you want to make a  reality then you have come to the right place.

 For years you've been lied too.

 Consuming products from businesses that don’t care about you, that don’t care for the environment.

 Food and drinks that leave you feeling bloated, guilty, and in a haze.

 Products that are slowly killing you!

 Ask yourself...

 Why is staying fit and healthy so hard?

 How come every product in the grocery store is filled with ingredients you can’t even pronounce?

 Why do I feel like S*%$t after everytime I consume a coke?

 And how come everything is packaged in plastic?

 But what if i told you there is an alternative.

 A drink that not only tastes great, but is actually good for you.

 A drink that stops those sugar cravings right in its tracks.

 A beverage that you can, and should drink everyday.

 A beverage that is made with only the most natural, whole, nutrient dense ingredients known to man. No additives, preservatives, sugars or chemicals.

 And is packaged entirely out of 100% recyclable glass


 Introducing Kommunitea Kombucha

 A probiotic rich, naturally effervescent, fermented beverage that restores balance to the body, by introducing beneficial bacteria, microorganisms and enzymes to your gut.

 That assist you with:


Improving metabolic functioning

Boosting the Immune system

Rich antioxidants

And is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

 The Soda Revolution is here!

 What are you waiting for?

Kommunitea Kombucha

What people are saying about our Kombucha.

“It is rare indeed to deal with an organisation, where the absolute passion for the craft of making the product shines through in both the product, and in every engagement I have had with the people behind it. I look forward to my weekend Kombucha treats, which are all the more better when you know that what you are drinking is not only good for your body, but at the same time a delicious drink.”

- David Mcconnell

"I really enjoy Kommunitea Kombucha because the flavours are delicious and it makes being healthy really easy. It's a great alternative to booze or overly sweet fruit juice. I have it as a treat and offer it to any guests! It's really popular for weekend braai's by the pool :) I highly recommend it.

- Julia Taylor

"I love this stuff! It has done wonders for my IBS and I have a far more effective digestive system as a result of drinking it regularly... so happy to have been recommended Kommunitea Kombucha."

- Tamsyn Reynolds

"Kommunitea Kombucha makes an extra effort to keep the flavours interesting. Their flavours are much better tasting than most on the market and shipped in glass bottles that is recycled afterwards. My friends enjoy it with their food at my dinner parties and my co-workers enthusiastically request a glass or two from me frequently. I can feel an increase in energy and overall wellbeing."

- Danielle Erasmus

"Kommunitea has a natural taste and is bottled in glass. it is the only choice of Kombucha for me. The flavours are exciting, thirst quenching and come with many great health benefits. Often I feel slightly bloated and an ice-cold glass of Kommunitea Kombucha with a slice of lemon sorts the issue out."

- Ryan Hackney

Kombucha Fermentation Workshops.

Our fermentation workshops will take you from complete novice to brewmaster in no time. 

We will provide you with all the tools necessary so that you can brew limitless amounts of booch for you, your family and friends. 

Learn to flavour your Kombucha with some of the most nutrient dense superfoods the world has ever seen. 

Rich in Powerful Antioxidants

Flooded with complex B vitamins.

Probiotics by the billions.

Your health will never be the same again.


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