Kombucha Home Brew Workshop

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Supercharge your health with our fermentation workshops.

Do you want to feel your best every single day?

Improve your energy levels and sense of well being?

Provide healthier options for you and your family?

Do you find peace and a sense of connectedness when cooking and sharing meals with friends?

Then you have come to the right place.

Hi, My name is Calvin Tribelhorn, Founder and Brewmaster of Kommunitea Kombucha.

And for the past 4 years I have been brewing Kombucha and travelling the world, learning exactly what it takes to build great long term health.

And I want to share this knowledge with you, someone who understands that all illness can be cured through nutrient dense food.

  • A system that makes “Being healthy really easy.”
  • Saving “tons of money” by learning how to brew literally limitless amounts kombucha at home.
  • Making yourself Bullet-Proof against future illness.
  • Getting your kids off sugary drinks forever and having them beg you for more Kombucha with our secret flavouring techniques.
  • Getting back in shape, as Kombucha naturally stimulates the metabolism turning your body into a fat burning furnace.

I am here to show you the foundations of what great long term health looks like. To build your health on a solid foundation that cannot be derailed because someone around you is sick.

I want to provide you with all the tools necessary not only to achieve great health, but also give you the practical tips and insights I have learned from years of brewing Kombucha and studying gut health.

Here’s what some of our past workshop attendees had to say:

"As a self-taught and book-read brewer, it was great to have an opportunity to ask all the 'is it normal?' questions with the experts and to share knowledge with new and experienced brewers." - Lyn van Rooyen

This workshop is fabulous, I have been brewing for years but attempted 2nd Fermentation twice, and both times the taste was horrible. After listening to Calvin talking about the 2nd Fermentation flavors, and seeing how easy it is to play with. I have since made the most delicious kombucha drinks ever:) thank you for also responding to my questions on mail after the workshop:) - Niroshni Raju

I found the workshop very informative as I had been brewing on my own for a short time and had a lot of questions which Calvin answered. It is very helpful to be able to ask him questions when I get stuck - I had a question about mould which he answered and set my mind at rest. He gave us some great ideas as to flavouring in the second fermentation - I went home inspired to try some new combinations which have worked really well. I would highly recommend the workshop. - Mary Anne Lamb

Here is what you can expect:

  • Why fermented foods are so important to your health
  • The two types of foods you should be eating every single day.
  • Why Kombucha is so good for you.
  • A step-for-step demonstration on how to brew, flavour and ferment Kombucha for you and your family at home.
  • All the necessary equipment required so that you can begin brewing Kombucha immediately.
  • Unlimited access to me during your brew process. A Lot of people have questions regarding how their brew is doing as they start out. You can contact me any time day or night to get assistance as you journey along brewing your own kombucha.
  • A recipe and cocktail guide, just in case you forget anything from the workshop, you will have it all on a beautifully curated book for you to take home.
  • A free sample of our Kommunitea Kombucha.    

Great health is not something that should be reserved for the few.

Come join us at

Location: Jacksons Real Food Market Bryanston Drive.

Time: 9:00 am -10:30 am

Date: 14th April 2018

Spots are limited so don’t hesitate.

See you all soon.

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